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High Quality Saffron Powder – 12 x 125 mg Mini Pot


Ready-to-use Mini Pots containing powdered saffron

Did you know the more finely you crush or powder a herb or spice, the stronger its aroma and flavour? Our Mini Pots contain factory-powdered saffron, meaning a little goes a long way! Ideal for desserts or add to our Rosebuds to make a refreshing tea. It’s delicious and beautiful to look at, imparting a golden glow to the beverage. Mini Pots are great added to smoothies or fruit juice—for the health benefits as well as the great colour and taste. This popular item is the product referred to in this recipe from My Food Bag.

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Did you know?

In order to cure hangovers, Romans would sleep on expensive pillows stuffed with saffron.

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