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Saffron in Metal Blister – 1 g


1 g of high-quality saffron threads in a metal blister pack

Fully releasing the unmistakable aroma, flavour and colour of pure saffron is easy. Infuse either ground or whole strands in a little warm water before adding to your food as it cooks. Whole strands make exquisite decorations for any dish.

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Did you know?

Saffron is typically prepared by toasting or soaking the spice in hot water to release the flavour before adding to other ingredients. It’s most commonly used in the dishes of India, Persia, Europe, the Arab nations and Turkey. These include risotto, paella, bouillabaisse, and as a flavouring for rice. It’s occasionally added to alcohol and is also an ingredient in cakes, lollies and drinks.

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