Certified Organic Saffron


1 g of high-quality organic saffron certified by Swiss Bio

The saffron of choice for discerning consumers who want guarantees that their spice is produced ethically and sustainably. Our organic saffron is certified by Swiss Bio (Bio Suisse), a well-known and trusted certifier founded in 1981. Some of the conditions for organic certification include:

  • biodiversity on the farm
  • no chemical fertilisers or pesticides
  • no colouring or flavouring agents
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Did you know?

From Cleopatra onwards, the rumours say that the aroma lingering on the skin after a hot saffron bath is enough to make any lover go mad with desire. Modern medicine has since found that saffron is an active anti-mutagenic, immune modulator, anti-depressant, antioxidant and sex-stimulant, so there might be some truth in the rumours!



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