Pink Rose Petals - 60 g


For thousands of years, rose tea has been a part of Eastern cultures and Chinese medicine

Our aromatic, flavourful pink rose petals add a special dimension to many Persian, Middle Eastern and Indian recipes. They come from a small town in the Iranian desert called  Qamsar, famous for centuries of rose-growing. People in Qamsar are proud that the Kaaba in Mecca is annually washed by Qamsar rose water.

The delicate flowers make a fragrant brew that’s light-tasting, fruity and low in calories. To take your tea experience to the next level, enjoy the traditional Persian rose tea recipe below.

Rose petals are ideal for decorating cakes and desserts. They are also used in natural therapy and spa products.

How to brew a good rose tea

Put 1/4 cup of petals per person in a teapot or a plunger and add boiling water. Wait for 7 minutes before serving your tea. Combine with cardamom and a few threads of saffron as an evening tea.

You can also mix your petals with black tea or any other herbal tea to impart their beautiful aroma to your dink.

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