Saffron Threads - 10 g Value Tin


10 grams of saffron threads in a sturdy, resealable metal tin designed to withstand the bustle of a busy kitchen

This value pack will last a long time even with heavy use and suits the frequent user or commercial kitchen. It is our best value retail offer—you won’t find another brand of this quality any cheaper in New Zealand. This product is graded “All Red” Grade 1 under ISO 3632 (the International Standard for Saffron Grading) and it contains 100% saffron stigmas.  The threads’ colouring and flavour are superb and the spice is more concentrated than its European cousins. It is sun dried until brittle rather than oven-dried or dehumidified.

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Did You know?

In the Middle Ages, the punishment for adulterating saffron with other substances to increase its quantity and weight was to be buried alive.