Why Iranian saffron?

Iran’s geographical location and fertile soil produce saffron with a unique flavour and outstanding aroma. That’s why Iranian saffron is considered the world’s best.

Iran is responsible for around 90–93% of global saffron production. Much of that is exported.

In recent times, other countries have taken advantage of Iranian sanctions by purchasing the product at a lower price, re-packaging it and selling it under their own brands. This means Iranian saffron farmers are not getting credit for their product. It also means they have very little bargaining power when it comes to price. They work hard to produce the very finest produce but their communities, working conditions and lives don’t benefit.

By choosing to buy authentic Iranian saffron, you are supporting the people who actually grow it.


Why Novin Saffron?

Pure Saffrona’s goal is to supply A-grade, high-quality Iranian saffron to kitchens all over New Zealand. It’s important that our products are Noni Saffron logoethically-produced and fairly-sourced. Our provider, Novin Saffron is the biggest and most innovative saffron producer in the world.

Since 1992, Novin Saffron has set the standard in saffron quality with a series of world-firsts:

  • Quality management system: ISO 9000 (1996)
  • Food safety management: first saffron producer in the world to receive HACCP (Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point) certification (1998)
  • Environmental management: world’s first saffron producer to receive ISO 14001 accreditation (2001)

Every year, discerning buyers around the world show their confidence in Novin Saffron by choosing its products over all others. The Novin Saffron brand name on a product is your guarantee that it meets the highest standards of quality.

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